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Scholarship Scheme

Pre-tenth Scholarship

The Scholarship plan for minority group students from class 1 to 10th has been started in year 1995-96 under which such student whose parents lie in BPL are given monthly-yearly scholarship as in given table in year 2004-05.

Class Rate
  Monthly Yearly
Class - 1 to 5 25/Rs- 300/Rs-
Class - 6 to 8 40/Rs- 480/Rs-
Class - 9 to 10 60/Rs- 720/Rs-

By de-centralisation of power the right of given scholarship from class 1 to 8th in rural sector has been given to panchayati state institutions in year 1999-2000 by state government. The allotted fund for scholarship programms  is directly transferred in account of  Gram Panchayat in this scheme and the panchayat distributes this fund in open meeting.

The fund is given in cash from class 1 to 8th and this is given by Bank Advice from class 9 to 10th in present time. This fund is deposited in account of Gram Nidhi Account III by Panchayat in rurat sector. The fund comes in joint account of school in urban sector.

The allotted fund was 11473.38 lac Rs. in financial year 2003-2004 for this scheme 3320135 minority students were benefited in financial year 2004-2005 for which allotted fund was 11473.28 lac Rs. 101050.00 lac Rs. were funded in Ist phase of financial year 05-06 and 1822-21 lac for second phase. The total fund was 11972.21 lac for year 05-06. 8424.89 lac Rs. been given in joint account panchayat/school till Jan 2006 and 52150 schools have taken this facility. 201246 Minority students were benefited with the fund of 8012.24 lac Rs.

Backward Caste Welfare department will provide scholarship-fund for minority backward students mentioned in notice no. 2690/52-3-2004, till October 2005. This is mentioned in G.O. of 16-10-2004.

This Government Order (GO) was full effective in financial year 05-06 and it has been observed that the number of General Minority students was less therefore there was demand to decrease the fund for same purpose. There is new proposal for financial year 06-07 in accordance with new one. There will be a fund of 7500.00 lac Rs. in Ist phase and 1822.00 lac Rs. second phase of financial year 2006-2007. The total fund will be 9322.00 lac Rs. 2575196 Minority students will be benefited with this proposal.

Post-Tenth Scholarship:-

The fund was 2274 lac for financial year 2004-05 and the number of minority students to get benefit was 161911. But 199655 Minority students have taken this benefit with fund of 1851.81 lac Rs. The GO was effective by 16-10-2004 and there has been saved 622.20 lac Rs. in same financial year and handed over to the government.

Till Jan 2006 Rs. 2025.38 lac has been transferred in joint account of 3449 schoolar and alloted fund was 2474 lac Rs. in financial year 05-06. 108673 Minority students have taken this profit with a fund of 1742.19 lac Rs.There will be alloted a fund of 2476 lac Rs. for 1379 minority students in financial year 2006-07.

Maulana Muhmmad Jauhar Scholarship scheme:-

200 brilliant students will be bebefited under this specific scheme in financial year 2005-06. Students will be selected on merit basis for medical, engineering and professional courses under this scheme and 1000 Rs monthly (1200 Rs. max) will be given as scholarship in financial year 05-06 to the student. Therefore Rs. 24.00 lac has been alloted as scholarship for 200 students in financial year 2006-07.

Plan for grant in Aid and Recognition for Arabi and Pharsi schools:-

Arabi Pharsi Madrasa Board is already established to give recognition and control over examination at state level. The inspector, Arabi Madrasa Board acts the work of registrar also. The Tahtaniya, Foukania and high grade Madarsa's get recognition at aireetorate level in present timeout it has changed now and Foukaania Graded Madrasa's can be recognised at district level right now. The number of recognised Madarsa's are 1285 at present time in our state.

Some Arabi Pharsi Madrasa's get grant in aid time to time to help in giving payment to teachers/other workers of Madrasa's. Grant in Aid is giving to 358 Arabi Madrasa's at present time. The post accepted by Education Department will be given grant in aid, this was all about before year 1995-96  and this was applicable for non-government, aided Arabi Pharsi Madrasa's. Fifteen (15) Posts have been accepted for grant in aid in year 1995-96 which includes  one Principal, one Clerk and one peon, four teachers of Aaliya, Three teachers of Foukania, steacherl of Tahfania. The payment is given by District Minority Welfare officer Rs. 4483 lac was spent in year 2003-2004 for this scheme and 4653.63 Rs. lac was spent for the same in year 2004-2005. It is supposed that there will be spent Rs. 5056 lac in year 2005-2006. There will be spent (Rs. 5230.00 lac) in year 2006-2007. Grant in aid will be given to 67 recognised Madaras's in year 2005-2006 and there will be funding of Rs. 730.86 lac for this purpose Rs. 815.48 lac will be spent for year 2006-07 for the same.

There will be given 2 Computer each 140 Aaliya standard Arabi Pharsi Madrasa's in financial Year 2005-2006 and there will be spent Rs. 154.00 lac for the same. This is to give free-Computer Education to students. 50 Madrasa's will be selected to give computer Education in year 2006-2007 and there will be spent Rs. 51.68 lac for the same purpose.

The scheme for giving Pension/Gratuity to the retired workers/dependent has been started in year 1993. This is applicable for recognized Madrasa's. The working process of Madrasa's has been transfered from Education department to Minority Welfare Department, therefore the process of giving pension has been changed by 6-01-1998. There has been made amendment in process of giving pension by 30-10-1999 due to some dificulties Rs. 18.44 lac was spent for this scheme in year 2004-2005. It's supposed that there will be spent Rs. 20.00 lac in year 2005-2006 and Rs 10 lac will be spent in year 2006-2007 for the same scheme.

Arabi Pharsi Madrasa Vikas Nidhi:-

Arabi Pharsi Madrasa Vikas Nidhi has been established to develop and orientate Arabi Pharsi Madrasa's. Arabi Pharsi Madrasa Regulation and Rules unit has been established in year 2001 under notice number 3781/52-3-2001-33(50)/2001, Nidhi (treasure) has been established through 1crore Rs. of state fund. Besides it, Aid, Heep, Donation and other form of fund will be accepted to mirease the fund.
Objectives of Nidhi:-
  1. Give reward in creative and notable work related to Arabi Pharsi Madarasa's books.

  2. To give grant in aid for libraries of high graded Aaliya schools.

  3. To give Economic Co-operation to brilliant scholar's of Madarsa for their higher Educatioin.

  4. Other works related to development of Arabi Pharsi Education.


Those students, teacher, Madarsa's will be benefited with that treasure (Nidhi) who/which do not take any aid from any source.

There has been given Rs. 40,000 to two Madrasa's in year 2003-2004 by Nidhi and 25 Madarsa's will get Rs. 15 lac to establish Computer lab.

Scheme for giving financial support to aided Madarsa's:-
Fund is given in granted schools on certain terms and conditions. This is given for Electricity tax, water/land tax and for Books and Writing materials, furniture and for Rs-constrictions etc. Rs.4.99 lac was spent in financial year 2004-2005 for this. This was was Rs.5 lac for year 2005-2006. It is suppose that there will be spent Rs.5 lac for financial year 2006-2007.
Establishment of Maulana Muhmmad Ali Jauhari Research Institute:-
The Minorities specially Muslims of U.P. are backward in social and economic reference. Although there are many welfare schemes/plans to remove backwordness in Muslims which are run by both state and centre. State Government is doing best for muslims so that there may be removal of poverty Government is praying dominant role in doing so. Mavlana Muhmmad Ali Jauhori Research insitute will be established and this will do a survey related to economic problems, social and educational problems. This will give practical solution so that all such problems may be removed and research work will be done to overcome the problems. This will prepare by pothes's and other related materials. This will search a practical solution. There has been arrangement of Rs. 200 lac for same in financial year 2005-2006. It's supposed that there will be spent Rs. 206.45 lac for the same in year 2006-2007. This will be proposed in Budget.
Commencement of (Madarsa Mini I.T.I.) Vocational traning scheme in recognised Madarsa's of State:-
Technical skills will be developed along with spritual education of Madrasa's students under madarasa vocational traning scheme (Madrasa Mini I.T.I.). This is being started and there will be establishment of Mini I.T.I. in 140 Madrasa's in (Ist) Phase of Plan. Madrasa's Mangement system is being encouraged for this shceme and there will be given technical traning to student according to their interest along with piritual education. State government has given a fund of Rs. 285.60 lac for the same in financial year 2003-2004. The students who are studing in madarasa's will be able to get employment or self-employment by applying this scheme to minority. There will be given fund to establish mini I.I.T. based on three trades. This fund will help in giving payment of three, inspector, one lab-assistant, one Peon engaged in mini I.I.T. Government may give payment directly also. If any madarasa wants to establish an other trade besides three trades, it can arrange its source of fund. The training period can vary from one to three years in accordance with specific trade requirement. The certificate will be given to success the candidates who develop their technical skills and complete their course. The district committee has been established to maintain the quality of this scheme and to select the instructors.The technical youths will get employment who will appear for lab assistant/instructors etc. We hope that this scheme will be a land mark in history of development of muslims minorities and this will be better for Educational and eco-nomical development of minorities.
Central aided plans:-
Central government is giving aid in backward minority region. Some important schemes run by government are as follows:-
Plan for construction of Girls Hostels in Minority region-
To give better education to girls in Minority region this scheme is being run and government is giving 100% fund for the same. Twelve (12) Hostels have been constructed under this scheme. To construct Hostels in 11schools, Rs. 550 lac has been estimated as fund in financial year 05-06 and Rs. 275 lac has been funded for financial year 2005-06 and work is going Rs.275 lac has been estimated for financial year for the same. This is all about secondary education of girls in minority region.

Plan for constructing Buildings for Higher Education for girls in Minority region-

This scheme is being run since year 1997 to open Higher Education colleges in Minority region to give better Education to minority girls. The cost for two buildings has been estimated 37 lac and there has been made arrangement of Rs. 779.185 lac for establishment of such buildings the constructiong work is going on Rs 779.185 lac has been estimated in financial year 2006-07 for the same.
Plan for Modernisation of Arabi Pharsi Madrasa's:-
This scheme is being run to give education of modern subjects in Maqtab/Madrasa which gives religions education Rs.3000 will be given to each teacher which will teach modern subjects (Hindi, English, Maths, Science) in religions institutes Maqtabs/Madrasas Rs. 14000 will be given to each madrasa to establish science kit almirah and library. Another teacher will be appointed it the number of students increases above twenty in a Madrasa/Maqtab. 683 Madrasas/Maqtabs have been benefited under this scheme by Indian government. The payment has been done till year 2003-2004. It is supposed that there will be a fund of Rs 245.88 lac in financial year 2005-06. The proposal of 3834 teachers has been sent to Indian government. There will be spent Rs.245.88 lac in financial year 2005-06.

Non-Government recognised Educational institutes will be treated as minority Institute:-

The educational institutes established by Minorities are declared as Minority institute in section 29 and 30 of Indian Constitution 176 Higher Secondary schools cmd 225 Basic schools have been declared as Minority institute after establishment of this department.
The Schemes run by Uttar Pradesh Financial and Development Corporation
Term loan scheme-
This scheme was started in year 1995-96. The Minorities whose income is two times less than the income of BPL (Below Poverty Line) Minorities, will get loan on low interest to initiate the protect and Uttar Pradesh financial and development corporation will provide aid from 90 to 95 to complete the protect approved by it the period of live years in quarterly installment. Two percent more interest is charged it there is no clearance of amount in time. There was target of 1000 lac to give aid to 2600 candidates in year 2005-06 but 820.56 lac was given to 2311 candidates in comparison to that target Rs.1000 lac will be given to such units in year 2005-2006 to give aid to poor Minority people. The loan is being given on lower interest. The rate has been further decreased.
Margin Money Loan Scheme-

The Minority people who want to establish their own business/trade but they are unable to arrange money in marginal rate they can be benefited underlines scheme. If their income is two times less than BPL people income. Such people who can take maximum loan of slac from bank they can be given loan on marginal rate which is 30% of protect cost which is 1.50 lac maximum amount. The interest rate is 3% yearly. The corporation provides this money Rs.400 lac has been given to 400 students in financial year 2005-2006.This target is some for financial year 2006-2007 to make this scheme better and sfficient, the process is being made easy and simple and district adminastration is doing best in this specific direction.

The recovery of corporation is better in passed years. The corporation has re-covered Rs.810.94 lac in financial year 2004-2005. This is being increased in year 2005-2006.

Scheme for Professional training and skill Improvement-
This scheme is being run for Minority group to give employment and make self-dependent and this is being run with the help of government and non-government institutes. This includes electronics computer, typing, motor driving, photo-graphy, automobiles, air-conditioning and fashion-designing etc. The short term training is provided in such professions. The loan is being given on marginal rates to trained professionals to start their profession. The carporation is giving aid in term loan and loan an marginal rate. The target to train 625 candidates, has been achieved in year 2004-2005. 500 candidates will be trained in financial year 2005-2006 and it is estimated that there would be spent Rs.25 lac for this scheme. There would be spent Rs.25 lac for financial year 2006-2007 in this scheme.
Scheme for pre-examination coaching-
To give assistance to Minority people who are preparing for professional courses and competi five exams, coaching is being given to Minority people. This will help in gaining employment in government /semi-government departments. The scheme is applicable only for those candidates whose parents income is below Rs.1.00 lac yearly. The students who have passed their intermediate from U.P. Board with 55% and from C.B.S.E./I.C.S.E. board with 65% will quality for such professional courses. To give coaching to 351 candidates was target of year 2004-2005 and this target has been achieved. There will be given coaching to 350 candidates in financial year 2005-2006 and estimated amount is Rs. 25.00 lac.
Mahila Samradhi Yojna-
National Minority Development and financial corporation will provide donation to 20-20 ladies to train them and training period is of six months. The loan would be given to trained ladies which is low amount (Rs.6000) to initiate the profession.
Scheme for Educational loan-
This scheme is being run with the help of National Minority Development and financial corporation, New Delhi Rs.50,000 per year or maximum 250 lac is given as loan on three (3%) percent interest rate to study in different courses. The candidates whose parents income is two times less than income of BPL people and lie between age of 16 to 32 years, would quality for this scheme Rs.185.53 lac had been given to 167 students under this scheme in financial year 2004-05. There would be given loan of Rs.120 lac to 350 students in financial year 2005-06. National Minority financial and Development Carporation would give 90% amount and rest will manage U.P. Minority financial and Development corporation. There would be done a best effort to give aid to maximum candidates in financial year 2006-2007. This is under scheme.
Small donation through self Assisted Groups-
This is already in force in Uttar-Pradesh. The suitable Candidates whose parents income is two times less than the income of BPL people are eligible for this scheme. This is for both rural and urban sector. The Group containing 15 to 20 candidates is given loan of amount 5000 per candidate on 4.5% annual rate of interest.
Plan for making owner to Riksha PUller-
The minority people of state who do not have their own Riksha they have Riksha for fare. A loan will be given to such minority Riksha puller on 4% annual rate of interest. This plan is in-force in state.
Righteous Technical Training Institute-
The corporation is running a Technical Tranining institute at Dollyganj in Khanna Mill compound, lucknow. Training is given in 5 trades (Electrical, Electronic, welding, A.C. and Refrigeratation and fashion designing) by whole time trained instructors. Six monthly training programm is run for every trade to 30-30 students on completing successfully training schedule, loan is given to candidates on merit basis by the carporation.
Schemes run by Uttar Pradesh Charitable Development Carporation-

Its main function is to develop charitable properties. Charitable properties are selected with the help of district level officials by doing survey. This is kept in mind selection process of charitable properties, that it should be registered in property charitable board and these should be no dispute related to ownership.

The proposed property should not have any loan on its cost and there should be no form to religious buildings/grave on acquiring it. There should be legal owner of property. The property should be productive so that service and other supervision charges may be recovered easily.

On taking charitable land in lease, on corporation recovers amount from income of developed scheme and this is done from 70% income of scheme corporation takes 15% supervision charges one time on investment amount and it takes 60% service charge 30% income of developed scheme is left for charity.

To supervise construction work, one committee at district level is created. This committee is related with all as pests of construction. This committee is responsible for returning of corporation amount. The committee is re-constructed after returning amount shops/marriage halls, Guest houses etc have been constructed situated at 107 charitable properties by Jan 06 in financial year 2005-06. There are 5 charitable projects which are pending in present time.

Besides this, charitable development corporation limited also acts deposit work.

Growth in income of charity of Shiya/Sunni of Uttar Pradesh-
The eco-nomic condition of this charity was very bad in last passed years and it was dependent on state government to give payment to their workers. State government has planned to boost the economic condition of charity. The charity blared the loss of Rs.50 lac per year but now it is able to give payment to their workers. The charity has done payment of pending 14 months by its source of income. The income of charity was 40-50 lac in last years but, now the income of charity in year 2003-04 by 30 June 2003 was Rs. 90 lac. Other efforts would be done to increase the income of charity board.
Commercial development of charity-
State government has sent 14 proposals to central charitable council to increase the commercial use. The cost of such proposals is Rs.445.20 lac. Besides it, the state government has ordered to district administration to approve and advertise the projects. This will keep in giving assistance to minority of state. Such plans are conducted by Maulana Aajaad educational foundation.
Security from encroachment on charitable property-
The Avkaaph situated in state, which are registered in U.P. Shiya/Sunni Charitable board would be saved from encroachment. It's preparation to amend in equation of authorised occcupmant Act, 1973 so that such Avkaaph would be treated as public premiser. This will help in removing encroachment of such charity. There would be faster development of such chartable properties.
Construction of Uttar Pradesh Charitable building-
Uttar Pradesh government has realised that the condition of Uttar Pradesh Sunni Board building is very bad which is situated in Lucknow at 3-A-Mall Avenue and government will construct a new building for this by abolishing old one. Four-store building would be constructed to utilise the land of charity. This will help in increasing the income of charity because only one portion will be utilised for charity and other three portions would be given to other departments on fare.
Proper utilization of Important charities
The survey is doing for this one. This will help to give important information to state government. The income and its Proper utilization would be supervised by state government
Reorganization of charity Boards —
After re-organization of Uttar Pradesh into U.P. and Uttranchal Indian government has de-constructed the U.P. Sunni/shiya Charity Board by applying the power given in section 102 of charity Act. 1995 tje bpard os re constructed in current financial year.
Uttar Pradesh Haz committe. Arrangement for Haz travellees  —
There was arrangemtn for 14667 Haz fravellers in Year 2004-2005. 18802 Haz travellees were sent in Year 2005-2006.
Construction of Haz House—

Government has Planned to Make Haz House in Lucknow and Gaaziabad. Rs. 200 Lac for Lucknow Haz House and Rs. 200 lac for Gaaziabad Haz House has been given.

This is all about Haz House.


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