Power and duties Administrative units

The functioning, running, and co-ordination at schemes of department is done with the help of followings—

  1. Survey commissioner of charity.

  2. Director, Minority welfare.

  3. Uttar Pradesh Minority financial and development corporation limited.

  4. Uttar Pradesh Charity Development corporation limited.

  5. Uttar Pradesh state Haz committee.

  6. Uttar Pradesh Sunni central board of charity.

  7. Uttar Pradesh Shiya central board of charity.

  8. Uttar Pradesh Minority commission.

  9. Inspector/ Registrar, Arabi Pharsi Madras, U.P. Lucknow.

  10. Festament office, Lucknow.

Survey commissioner, charity-

Survey commissioner, Wak ph (Charity) Organisation was established in Year 1976 under the act of law of charity - 1960. The Main function of this organisation was to reach new un-registered charitable property and register that charitable Property. The survey was done form year 1977 to 1988.
12839 Sunni and 8000 Shiya Avkaa Ph or 130839 charitable Properties were registered during this period and There was given information in Gadget The Main function of this organisation is to re-search missed charitable properties and register that one at present time which were Missed during survey period. Removal of encroachment form charitable properties and to, register charitable properties in government files is also function of this organisation. The charitable Act 1995 is in force from Jan 1996 in state and work is going on according to that.

The secretary, Minority welfare and charity, U.P. Government is declared as survey. commissioner of charity directorate. Minority welfare UP as upper survey commissioner, D.M. of district as survey commissioner sub-divisional officer as Assistant survey commissioner and District Minority welfare officers as assistant survey commissioner has been declared. There are 36 posts for senior charity Instructors, 36 senior clerk posts for typists.-----.
for district office. Besides this. There are 20 posts in head-office Besides this, other appointments have been Made to fulfill backlog in district, and head-offices. This is main organisation to preserve and develop charitable properties.
To manage and administrate these properties, efficiently, A programmer is being run from 07-01-2003 under  the law of act of charity 1995. A survey is in force in state. to examine charitable properties and removal of un-authorised right, work is going on in this specific direction at survey time. Un-Authorised selling would be checked. Work would be done to utilise properties commercially and for public well-fare. There would be done best effort. The task-force has been organised to complete above objectives at. district level and administrative level. The administrative, task force has been minority welfare and charity. this task-force works efficiently to complete the objectives.


Main function of district task-force—

  1. To examine the survey at district. level and approve the survey by district official.

  2. To remove un-authorised right and look-after the charitable property.

  3. To help in illegal selling of property and remove the illegal authorisation on the basis of illegal transfer of property

  4. To re-cover like R.C form illegal seller of property.

  5. To file case against Un-authorised seller of property and against illegal owner.

  6. To send report to survey. commissioner. This report contains the above objectives and signature by D.M/upper survey commissioner. This is sent in 1st week of every month.

Above arrangement is responsible for efficient working.


Minority welfare Directorate :—

The directorate and its sub-ordinate offices there is one post for director, one for Joint director offices has been created in year 1995-95. there is one post for director, one for Joint director, tow for sub-director and one for financial officer at directorate level. There are zonal Minority welfare officer posts at zonal minority welfare officer posts at zone level in seven zones. There 59 posts for District Minority welfare officer at district level The zonal Minority welfare officer posts are not in force.
The directorate controls its. sub-ordinate offices and conducts many peons for Minority students like, scholar ship scheme, schemes related to Arabi Pharsi madras's.


Uttar Pradesh Minority Financial and development corporation limited :—
This corporation was established as Company on 17 nov 1984 for welfare of minorities. there were 15 formula-programms on that time. The corporation has Rs. 30. Crore as authorised capital Its office is in lucknow at 7th- floor of Jawahar Bhavan. The district Minority welfare officer of corporation acts as head district manages. The cargo ration provides term-loan with its capital and aid given try National Minority Financial and development Corporation. Margin Money loan scheme is run with the help of aid given by state government.
The commercial training/skill improvement and per-exam coaching, all such schemes are run with the aid given by government. Besides this, the Scheme (Educational loan without interest) is run by corporation.


Uttar Pradesh charity Development corporation limited :—

This corporation was established on 27 April 1987 with authorised capital of Rs. 5 crore. It was established to develop and secure the Avkaaph and to strengthen the economic condition of charity. The Main functions of this are as follows —

  1. To build commercial centers, shops, offices, Hotels, Hostels, & Schools for development of charitable properties.

  2. To arrange financial aid and technical Material for Construction of Commercial/Industrial Complex so that the Income of trust can be increased.

  3. To develop and preserve, the Mosques, graves, Immambaras and Eedgaahs and their accreditation.

  4. To establish waiting rooms, Hotels libraries, Schools etc.

  5. To establish small trades and give aid in this direction so that charity institutes, other related minority group may be benefited.

  6. To facilitate to Muslims pilgrims and provide Rest House to travelers. To give aid for Dargaah (Graver) To arrange and manage Ursh of Eeedgaah.

  7. To act as surveyor contractor, advisor for charitable institutes.


Uttar Pradesh state Haz committee :— This committee has been organised in a new way to give facility to Haz travelers of act of the Haz Committee Act. The minister of Parliament  is president of this Haz committee.

Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Charitable Board :— It was established in year 1999 under the law of act of charity 1995. After re-organisation of Uttar-Pradesh, this board was not in force form o6 Aug 2003 but It has been re-established in financial Year 2004-05.

Main functions of this board —

  1. To Register Avkaaph (trust).

  2. Appointment of Management committee and its removal.

  3. To take ownership of un-authorised right and remove Illegal owner ship.

  4. To look after the caser relater to trust properties.

  5. To develop trust Properties with aid given by charity development and corporation limited. The Main source of income of board is income gained by charity. development and corporation limited. The Main source of income of board is income gained by charity.


Uttar Pradesh Shiya central Board—
It was established in Year 1999 under the low of act charity 1995. It was re-established In Year 2004-05 because it was de-organised Year 2003 on re-organisation of Uttar Pradesh. This also woks as Sunni Board of trust.

Uttar Pradesh Minority Commission :— It was established in Year 1969 to give and secure constitutional rights of Uttar-Pradesh Minorities. Now it is functioning. One president and six other members has been appointed under the law of act of minority commission 1994.
[EVasiqua office, Husainabad, Lucknow]


Registrar/Instructor Arabi Pharsi

To supervise and administrate. Arbi Phaarsi Madras, there was Registrar office under control of Education department in Allahabad. But it is now in Control of Minority welfare directorate office after the transfer of working of Madras's by Year 1997-98 And it has been shifted from Allahabad to Lucknow.
There are other posts besides Requester in this office like one post for senior Assistant officer, three posts for senior clerk one for clerk, 4 post for Peon. The instructor works as registrar. The main function of board is to conduct and give recognition to mad arsis. To complete exams up to Aaliya Standard is also its function. The board appoints the Munshi of Pharsi language, the Moulavi of Arabi Language (High-school standard) Aalim (Standard 12th), faazil (Graduate level) and Munshi of Pharsi language upto 10th standard and conducts the exams of Kaamil.
The exams of session 2005 has been conducted in May and resuet has been declared. The mark-sheets and certificates has been distributed by district minority welfare officer. There will be conducted the exams of session 2006.
To give recognition as graduate and post-graduate to Kaamiel and Faazil respectively, the efforts are being done in this specific Direction. This consideration is in-force. the request has been Made forward all universities of state. The Kaamie and Foozil exams are conducted by registrar of Arabi Pharsi Board.
The certificate is given to Arabi Pharsi Madras's by registrar Arabi Pharsi exams. The district minority welfare officers give recognition to un-recognised Arabi Phorsi Madras's. The government establishes the committee containing president who is director of Minority welfare U.P. Recognition certificate is given to ARabi, Pharsi Madras's by registror, Arabi Pharsi exams The district administration given recognition to Tahtaani a and foukania a under G.O.1126/52-3-2003-11(4)/2003 by 22.11.2003. The committee for recognition takes decision as proposals and certificate is given by District Minority Welfare Officer.
To establish state Madras's Education council, there has been brought a new act. This is state Madras's Education council Act— 2004. This would look after other related working. The law of act of State Madras's Education council 2009 is new Act whose Act number is 29. All working is going on related to that one.


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